Monday, June 28, 2010

Last entry from NY

Whew, I've had a busy time in New York with AGfan84. Here are a few photos of me helping agfan84 do a mock lesson in one of her classes. - The lesson is called 'naturalists' and the students are guided through movement based activities where they play/pretend to be 'naturalists'. I got to be the "Special Guest" - I role-played being an expert Naturalist who was the 'tour guide' for the students.

This next photo is me helping agfan84 study for her 'Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written' (NY state teacher certification exam)... A few days before this photo agfan84 had to go into the city for another certification related assignment and could only bring pencils, erasers and such, so I couldn't go :( Fortunately for me, she felt badly so she brought me back a souvenir... AGP NY shirt!!

Now off to PA to visit with EofA. I wonder what's in store for me there?


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