Monday, June 14, 2010

New outfit!

I arrived at agfan84's right after the girls there had all received custom made crocheted summer dresses by agfan84's mother. The girls all got to talking and felt that to really welcome me into their family, I deserved a custom summer outfit as well!

Without telling me their plan, they spent a few days getting to know me to try and figure out the perfect outfit. They decided a dress wouldn't really suit me, and opted for a shorts or pants outfit. Then agfan84 mentioned something about it being 'fleet week' and Nicki got all excited because her dress was sailor themed, and she said "Maggie Scout would look great in an outfit just like mine!!"

The other girls were a little disappointed because they ALL wanted me to be just like them, but it being fleet week and all, and wanting to give me something special, they decided to be the bigger 'people'. They elected Nicki to ask their 'Grandma' if she would be so kind as to make me an outfit. And of course Grandma agreed! So the girls and Grandma all worked together, sketching and picking out yarn, and secretly borrowing some of my things, to custom design and crochet an outfit that was just right.

-- When it was finished agfan84 felt like something was missing, I needed the perfect pair of shoes to go with my new outfit. -- Being a little matchy - outfit crazy, agfan84 decided that sending me off in an outfit with soccer cleats, and/or pink slip on sneakers (the pairs of shoes I'm traveling with) just wouldn't be right... and so she made me a pair of flip-flops to match my outfit. ---

When it was all finished, the girls presented the final product. I was so excited and honored that the girls of agfan84 had inducted me in to their gang.

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