Monday, May 31, 2010

NY Yankees game!

Even though AGfan84 (my host mom) is a Mets fan, her friend was given pretty nice seats to a Yankee game. Since Agfan84 has never been to Yankee stadium before (even before it was redone) and because I AM VISITING (of course), she thought it would be fun for us to go!!
They were playing the Cleveland Indians..which was funny because I just came from Ohio! Here I am at the game. I borrowed some clothes from my host sisters, I wanted to look a little sporty (which wasn't easy because they're all very girly girls!)
Bottom 2nd: NY Yankees - N. Swisher homered to right,
Swisher & R. Cano scored!!

Later we saw a GRAND SLAM!! (home run when bases are loaded)
In the bottom 7th: NY Yankees- R. Cano homered to deep right,
D. Jeter, C. Granderson and M. Teixeira scored

Doing the YMCA!

The final score was 8-2 YANKEES!!! Whoo hooo!!

I had a fun time. I wonder what else I'm going to get to do in New York?

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun, Maggie! Great pictures!