Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arrival in New York

Whoa, that was a quick trip! I spent less than two days slumbering in my traveling box. Here are some pictures of what happened next:

The girls at AGfan84's house discovered a box delivered to their house.
Kitty, Jacs, was curious about it too!

Samantha decided she'd take charge on this one because she usually gets lost in the shuffle and demanded that this time she's be first!
Here's the comfortable traveling box emerging from the carrier. The girls of AGfan84 could hardly contain themselves with excitement.
Of course, Jacs was filled with curiosity, not so much excitement.
Tada! It's me! The girls were happy so see me.
Kirsten was shocked to see me. She stared and stared and finally decided it could be a good thing to have a friend who looks just like you.
Check us out! We could pass for twins!

I'm looking forward to all the adventures I'm going to have with AGfan84 and her girls on Long Island, NY.


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