Monday, May 24, 2010

Last report from Ohio

Friday 5-21
I am pooped after spending all of yesterday out in that glorious sunshine! I guess I am thankful for the rain that's coming today. I need a little rest!

Romperoo and I spent the morning cleaning. Then I went to Miss L's school for "Speak and Learn." That's what they call "Show and Tell" here. The kids asked a lot of good questions about me and Miss L. told them about our adventures. I got to sit and have snack with the class (yogurt, anyone?) before I headed back home.

Miss L had promised to kick the soccer ball around with me after school today, but it was just too wet. I really haven't been exercising like I should have while I've been here in Ohio. So, I decided to give romperoo's pilates machine a try. Oh my gosh! My abs were on fire when I finished!

Saturday 5-22
Well, it's my last official day here in Ohio. And are we going to be busy! We started the day off at the Farmer's Market in Worthington. There's still not a lot of fresh veggies, so we got some eggs and some cheese. We also checked out one of romperoo's favorite vendors, Freckle Bear Lavender Farm. It smelled soooooo beautiful and almost made it seem like the sun was shining. As we were moseying down High Street, it really started pouring - thunder, lightning, the works. I was sad because I was hoping to see the gravesites of the Revolutionary War soldiers. I guess I will have to take a raincheck...

The girls surprised me that afternoon by having a goodbye party for me! It was so sweet. They all chipped in and gave me a Sillybandz bracelet to wear to remind me of the good times we had together. I will miss them lots.

We celebrated our final dinner at BW3. I nibbled on some chicken nuggets and watched the USA women's soccer team was playing against Germany. What an exciting game! USA won 4-0!

We got home and Mr. Romperoo decided that he wanted to play "The Scare Game." The Scare Game?!? That was a new one for me, but I was up for it.

This is how you play: The Scarer goes into the basement and hides somewhere. All the lights are off and it is VERY dark. Then, the Seekers go into the basement (which is still dark) and try to find the Scarer. When the Seekers get close, the Scarer jumps out and yells, "Aaaahhh!" Which usually sends the Seekers into fits of laughter. Mr. Romperoo is a big kid at heart and just loves this game.

It was so much fun! I was an excellent Scarer! Check out my photos!

Sunday 5-23
I am up early and packing. Romperoo has washed my face and brushed and re-braided my hair. Miss L has given me a big bear hug and a kiss and I am all ready to take off to my next adventure. Sure hope it doesn't rain...

I'm prepared and ready to head on my way to New York. I'll be glad for the bit of rest during the traveling process as I've had such a busy time in Ohio. Thank you Romperoo and family for showing me such a great time. I'll miss you all!

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