Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Party and Lego Store!

Thursday 5-13
It still has not stopped raining and I am really getting anxious to see all these places here in Columbus that romperoo has promised to show me!

But, I was not disappointed! Miss L. and the other girls here decided to throw a party for me! We had treats at the bakery and concession stand and had a cookout, too! McKenna (fka Gwen) even blew up balloons to celebrate. (all party photos were taken by Miss L. She's a pretty good photographer, huh?)

Friday 5-14

Yet another rainy day. Am I in Ohio or the Pacific Northwest?!?

Romperoo has decided come heck or high water (which might happen), we are going out today! We went to Easton Mall with a good friend and had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Romperoo had a hard time tearing me away from the cheesecake display case. I could barely sit still during lunch because I was anticipating my delectable dessert! I was a little chuffed when romperoo actually SKIPPED dessert. Alas, we have to watch our girlish figures...

Then a BIG surprise! We went to the Lego store! Who needs cheesecake when you can have Legos? The store has really cool displays all over the place. Star Wars, Toy Story, little villages - very impressive! The back of the store has a full wall of bins of Legos. You can pick the size of the container that you want and cram it full of as many Legos as you can fit inside! Plus, there are neat displays where you can build with Legos and make small Lego figurines. I spent nearly an hour in the store playing and having a great time. We bought a little something for AGR's son - hope he likes it!

Miss L is home and it's time to head off to a friend's!

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