Saturday, May 1, 2010

Last things to see in MA

Last few days in Massachusetts. I wasn't allowed to leave without seeing two really important sites here in MA!!

Gillette Stadium Home of the mighty Patriots!

I even got my own football!

Then the last visit for me was the most memorable site ever!!
You can't come to MA without visiting Plymouth Rock!

Me and the Rock itself.

And the Mayflower. Sweet!

What a wonderful time in Massachusetts. Now I'm off to Ohio. I wonder what'll be in store for me there?


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  1. Oh way kewl .. Mama visited Plymouth rock, the Mayflower and Plymouth plantation when she was there .. those were amazing sites to see. She could not imagine making the crossing to America on that size ship with all those people stuffed in the belly of the ship .. YUCKO!!

    Looks like you had a total blast ..

    Ta Ta,